Crossovers have become a national favorite in a very short time.

So much so that we have witness electric-crossovers as well and if you want to earn quite well using these models, then Audi Pakistan is your go-to company.

Audi Pakistan launched their Q2 Crossover in April this year. Soon as it launched, the model became quite popular amongst fans and consumers.

Though luxury cars are a bit costly and the majority of drivers think twice before going for such a price-tag.

However, combine a crossover with mini-SUVs and you get a combo which is absolutely irresistible.

The German carmaker has revealed the sales figures of its vehicles in the US stating an increase of 9.6pc last month to 19,308 units.

Both Audi Q5 and Audi Q7 crossovers have helped the premium German carmaker to achieve the sales.

The report has suggested Audi has been continuously posting an increase in sales for the last six and half years.