In an unfortunate accident, 12-year old Kashaf lost her life. The child went to Askari Park, which very recently was inaugurated on Eid-ul-Fitr, and became the victim of a fatal accident.

She and several others were taking rides, one of which had a sudden suddenly collapsed, leaving the survivors injured.

The cause of the swing’s collapse could not be detected immediately, however, the eyewitness who spoke to a local news channel said the swings were overloaded.

Mayor Karachi Waseem Akhtar has demanded an inquiry to be held in regards to who is responsible behind happened. He also added that the park had opened without any safety measures or tests.

“I don’t know who is overseeing the affairs of this park. It was earlier operated by KMC and then we handed it over to the cantonment. This is the park administration’s mistake. They should not have allowed children to take rides,”

Earlier, a rumor of the Ferris Wheel collapsing also went viral. Many news publications and website claimed that it was a part of Askari Park, however, the amusement park soon rolled out a statement clarifying that the incident was in India and not in Karachi.

Askari Amusement Park Hits Back at Backlash Over Fatal Ferris Wheel Incident [Watch Video]

Social Media Reacts to Askari Park Ride Accident

Unlike previously, Askari Amusement Park’s management has not rolled out an official statement as of yet.

Who is responsible for this negligence in your eyes?

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