The bubbly Jannan star, Armeena Rana Khan created a stir on the internet yesterday after she posted an interesting question to her followers through her twitter handle.

Looks like, Hamza Ali Abbasi and Noor Bukhari were not the only ones who wondered why celebrities chose to dress in western attire for Pakistani award shows instead of opting for traditional eastern wear. Khan also raised a similar question and got quite a few responses.

Here’s What Armeena Rana Khan asked on Twitter!


Many people answered with Pakistani celebrities should chose traditional wear over western in order to promote our country’s culture and originality.

This is what Armeena replied to the follower who got quite rude with her, 

” I just asked a question. Perhaps you need to read the statement properly. I’m not passing any judgement as I have worn the same too.”

She finally thanked everyone for their feedback declaring Eastern Wear as the Winner!


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