Pakistan’s prominent budget-friendly airline, Airblue’s latest ad on its website has created a stir in Pakistan’s advertising scene. While some think the promotional post is perfectly timed, others feel the airline seems to be using a mud-flinging tactic to target PIA, who has recently suffered an ill-fated crash of one of its carrier.

The ad shows the airline’s planes, flying high over snow-capped mountains with a list of its massive fleet. The type of airbuses and ages of the planes are also added to the list.

The advert also mentions a tagline in reference to having the youngest fleet in the country.

Take a look at the ad posted on the Airblue website and twitter account.

The post created a great buzz amongst the marketing enthusiasts on the Facebook group ‘Khalid Alvi’s Marketing Next’.

Some feel this was a great move by the aviation brand and that it’s a part of healthy advertising.

The rest openly disapproved of Airblue’s bold move!


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