Adnan Siddiqui in his latest podcast shed the light on infamous dialogue by Khalil ur Rehman and his role in Mere Pass Tum Ho.

Adnan Siddiqui’s Statement 

‘Mere Pass Tum Ho’ was a highly acclaimed drama that put Khalil ur Rehman on the spot. The dialogue from the drama ‘do takay ki aurat’ received major flack where the audience’s sentiments were hurt and later the writer shared his stance on his need to come up with something so bizarre.

Recently in a podcast, Adnan Siddiqui shared his stance on the dialogue and the actor says, that it was not directed to women in general but to the character ‘Mehwish’ in the drama specifically. While talking about the characters Mehwish and Shehwar and why they felt the need to go down the route of infidelity, Adnan mentioned that both the characters were to blame for what went down.

‘I don’t want to get trapped in this controversy, however, I’ll clear one thing out. Mehwish and Shehwar are to be blamed equally. A man who is madly in love with a woman, trying to do everything for her, and despite everything, she strays away from him, what else would he have had to say given the whole scenario?’

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‘Let’s stick to this scenario and don’t drag it out. This situation and dialogue were for Mehwish and Mehwish only. There is no need to attach other things with it.’ He concluded.

Have you watched Mere Pass Tum Ho? What are your views on the actor’s stance in the dialogue? Let us know in the comments below.

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