Randi Zuckerberg
Credits: AdAsia Lahore

AdAsia 2019 brought some of the world’s best and renowned advertisers and marketers together in Lahore. Day 3 had the audience captivate with none other than Randi Zuckerberg, CEO Zuckerberg Media.

During her session titled ‘ Entrepreneurial Story from the Frontlines of Social Media she talked about a variety of things, from the creation of Facebook Live to taking responsibility for these products and much more.

However, one of the most interesting points Randi made during the session was the need to UNPLUG from Social Media!

Though it is kind of hard to digest the fact that someone who has been a part of Facebook and Silicon Valley is asking others to unplug.

One thing i’ve realized over the years is that None of us will change the world if we are constantly glued to our phones and what other people want from us.

It is impossible, really, to come up with an idea that changes your country or your business, for the world, if we’re just constantly glued.

Randi shared that even though we have some really amazing products that have helped us in many ways, they are being misused and being taken advantage of.

Some of them nonetheless are bringing an end to human communication.

There’s actually an application called ‘Breakup App’ that literally spells out to the user the steps they need to take to end the relationship with the other person, rather than saying, “Sorry, but I don’t think this is working out for me anymore.”

Then there’s another application called Nothing, which legit does as its name, nothing! PS. there’s a premium version of this app for $10 so that you can do more of nothing!

There’s even an app that tells you when you can go pee!

She added that every now and then, we need to keep our phones down as we are burning ourselves out.

A company is selling a block of wood in the form and size of a smartphone so that people can have the satisfaction that they have their adult-binky in their hands while they detox from technology!

One fine example of the growing need to put down these devices she gave was of a man who was so busy looking down and texting that he didn’t realize he was walking head-first into a bear.


Another great example she shared was how a man was texting and driving, making us realize that we now need technology (autonomous cars) to save ourselves from technology that we have created.

Last but not least, the ended the session with a brilliant rendition of the Little Mermaid.

What do you think of Randi’s advice? Do you think is time to go on a company retreat?

We do!

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