Aagha Ali Responds to People Calling Him a ‘Red Flag’

Pakistani actor Aagha Ali has finally addressed the hate he’s been receiving for his failed relationships, followed by the recent rumours of divorce with Hina Altaf.

The actor took to social media to address a concerned fan who questioned the label of ‘red flag’ attached to his name.

“Agha, I was the big fan of you! And don’t understand why people call you red flag ! Need clarification” the fan wrote.

In response, Aagha said: Who people ? The ones who doesn’t even know who I am or what I am ? People will always try to bring you down… the world is full of insecurities, jealousy and that’s sad but is the truth. I don’t pay attention to such people and neither should you. Always trust your gut and believe in your own experiences. Much love.

This candid response comes after a month of Aagha maintaining silence on the swirling speculations, which coincided with his solo European trip whilst cryptic captions from his journey only fueled the controversy further.

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Despite the ongoing speculation, neither Aagha Ali nor Hina Altaf have directly commented on the divorce rumors.

The couple had privately tied the knot in May 2020. Prior to this marriage, Aagha was allegedly engaged to Sarah Khan but things did not work out.

In an interview, Sarah Khan admitted to being in love with Aagha Ali, but she claimed that he had “crossed the limits” in ways that were unacceptable to her.

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