7 Times Pakistani & Indian Cricketers Proved They Are Friends Off-Field!

image souce: mangalore today

Cricket, for both Indians and Pakistanis, is more than just a sport. It is a matter of life and death. The natives of both the lands have an unbridled passion for it.

Of course, Indo-Pak matches are no less than a war between the two nations. However, cricketers of each team try their best to spread peace and harmony amongst their fans.

Despite being foes on the field, they exhibit great generosity through their simple, yet appreciable actions once the game is over.

Let’s take a jog down the memory lane to recall all the times Indian and Pakistani cricketers bonded with each other. They are giving the world some serious sportsmanship goals!

  1. When Kohli Gifted His Bat To Muhammad Amir

Remember when Muhammad Amir Khan faced a ban for five years? Well then to welcome him back on the field in 2016, Virat Kohli gave his bat to Amir as a sign of respect for the cricketer!

2) 11 Years Later, Amir claims Kohli as the favorite cricketer

That is what you call

3) When Sehwag Defended Sarafaz Ahmed For His English

Just recently, Pakistan’s Cricket Team Captain Sarfaraz was bashed by the public for his poor English. Sehwag jumped into the scene and defended Safaraz for it.

4) Pakistani Cricketer’s Indian Inspiration

How heartwarming it was to know that Pakistani female cricketer, Kainat Imtiaz’s inspiration, and idol is the Indian female cricketer, Jhulan Goswami.

Let me share a story with you all. In 2005 i saw the Indian team for the 1st time as the Asia cup was held in Pakistan….

Posted by Kainat Imtiaz on Monday, July 3, 2017

5) Indian Cricketers Sweet Farewell To Misbah & Younis

Farewells are always emotional. When Misbah and Younis retired, Indian cricketers did not shy away from honoring them

6) Dhoni’s Photograph With Sarfaraz Ahmed’s Son

The Indian skipper literally made the world go awww as he carried Sarfaraz Ahmed’s new born baby in his arms during ICC World Cup Tournament 2017.

7) Dhoni, Kohli & Yuvraj Posing With Azhar Ali’s Sons

So after Dhoni’s picture with Sarfaraz’s son went viral, we saw this trend going viral. Following suit, Yuvraj and Kohli took pictures with Azhar Ali’s son.

These cricketers are sharing  messages of peace through their actions. We hope that the people of both the countries consider cricket as a game only like their idols.