7 Things You will Relate to if You’re a Part of an Awesome Girl Squad

Who runs the world? Yes, we all know. Being a woman has tremendous benefits. You get to skip the long line at the bank, people let you go ahead and walk behind, they open doors for you. Now imagine that being multiplied by 3. You now know what it is like to be a part of a girl squad.

A girl squad is made up of a group of women who are always there for each other. No matter the circumstances, good or bad, you can always count on them. The squad is like a second family, one that doesn’t compare you to your high achieving cousins. If you are a part of an awesome girl squad, you will definitely relate to this following article.

1) The squad won’t let you do stupid things, alone

The best part about having a girl squad is that you are never alone. Feeling funky? You know you can count on your friends to always be by your side taking part in whatever silly activity you have planned.

2) You all will have matching accessories

Sure you hate if you see someone else wearing the same clothes you have, or maybe a similar accessory. But for you and your girls, matching accessories are part of a code! It’s a uniform of awesomeness!

3) They will always be by your side

God help the person who does you wrong. Because he or she doesn’t just have you to face, they have to face a full gang! You know your besties will always be around and have your back no matter what the situation.

4) Together you can eat a horse

When you all hit a cafe together, things get serious. While you may have to put up a show when out with other people, when it’s just the girls, you can sit back and eat all the greasy, fatty unhealthy food you want with no judgment!

5) They have you covered

Did the period fairy visit unannounced while you’re away from the house? Why worry, your squad is bound to have an extra. Since you all are more or less synced, they will always carry extra supplies knowing how unprepared you are for everything.

6) They help you break barriers

No task is unachievable for you if you have the support of your squad. You can go to unbelievable lengths when you are surrounded by like-minded strong women around you.

7) They empower you

The world is full of people who want to put you down. However, you are able to stand strong each and every day because of the support of your squad. They cheer your every success, they support you through the failures. Above all they make you the best version of yourself.

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