If you grew up in the ‘90s then you must remember quite a lot of things bring back the nostalgia of the times gone by. Those were the happy times when drinking Pepsi with Super Crisp was the perfect lunch and throwing the juice box of Frooto juice on the floor and jumping on it to burst it was one of the most fun filled activity in school days.

Whether it’s about watching Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi serial with family or imagining the thought of owning magic pencil in Shaka Laka Boom Boom, we bet you miss it a lot! Isn’t it? So we decided to take you back into those amazing memories you had in your childhood.

Things have changed, from Mr. Bear chocolate to Snickers, from Slims chips to Lays, Polka Ice Cream to Magnum, but regardless of the fact, we miss the 90s.

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Here is a list of some popular products from the ‘90s that are still around in some way or other but have been overshadowed by the numerous local and foreign brands in the market.

1) Top Pops



Forget about Lays, Doritos, or OPTP Chips. For just Rs. 2 you could have a whole pack of snack without air to share and enjoy it with your peers.

There were two perks of having top pops:  one was having the whistle just like your PT teacher to tease, trick and have fun in school, home or with your friends and the second advantage was for the one who would have the last pieces of Top Pops by scrapping off the masala at the bottom and licking it off the fingers. You might say “Eww, Gross”, but trust us, it was amazing and carefree.

The Rs.5 Top Pops pack was launched in 2009 and is still available at very few stores.

2) Football Chocolate

football chocolate Football Chocolate

Honestly, we still don’t know the name of the company and the product, but all we remember is Re.1 “Football wali Chocolate.”

Buying a dozen of football chocos and keeping it in the pocket made you feel like you were on the top of the world. We knew nothing where it has come from and we remember it because of its signature wrapping and mind-blowing taste.

3) Super Sour Candy


Those who have seen the tele-ad of Super Sour Candy can never forget the phrase: “Ek bar himmat ho to karo try, but wait!! Bhaut khatii hai yaar.”
A candy by ‘90s kid’s memorable brand, Hilal, that came in 5 different flavors and yes, it was spicy!

4) BP Chocolate Beans Mask

Mask Beans

The kids’ special spectacles with the delicious chocolate beans were one of a kind. Popping them out from the back of mask was a whole new game.

Regardless of the number of bunties left in the mask, everyone loved to wear it. There was a limited edition Ninja Turtle version too, which was large in size to cover the entire face instead of the areas around the eyes.

5) Bubble Your Name

Bubble Your Name

How can we forget this crazy chewing gum? Finding the bubble of your name had its own charm. Wish we had smartphones at that time, and then the snaps of our name of the bubble would be flooded everywhere on social media.

6) Polka Ice Cream

Polka Ice Cream

Can you recall the ad of Pandas dancing and the lady singing the verse, “Har ghar mai mangal, Panda ab har ghar.” It seems extremely lame right now but was truly one of the most loved ad by the kids in the 90’s. That’s not it; another verse in the ad says “Jangal mai mangal, Panda sai mil kar, Maza lai har pal.”

A fridge loaded with the deliciousness of mango and vanilla Polka ice cream cups was the best things about summers of the 90s.

7) Frooto


These 250ml iconic juice and kids’ favorite in the 90s, which had its signature packaging with attached straws, were staple lunch box items. And of course, the fun of experiencing this Frooto was in the end, blowing air into the empty carton and throwing it on the floor and jump on it for a loud POP.

Contributed by: Saad Sheikh