6 Ways to Trick your Body into Drinking More Water

Drinking the recommended one-and-a-half to two liters of water each day can seem daunting. Whether at the office or on the beach, why not try one of these ideas to liven up your glass or bottle of water with a fresh new flavor?

Fruity ice cubes

Next time you make ice cubes, try placing a chunk of fruit in each compartment in the tray. Berries are a great choice because they can be added whole. Try adding a whole raspberry, for example, or a few blueberries. As the ice cubes melt, they set their fruits free into the water. Fruity ice cubes are ideal for livening up a jug of water at dinner parties, barbecues or kids’ birthday parties.

fruity icecubes

Mash it up

All kinds of fruit and vegetables can be added to a glass of water — just go with what you like. Make sure you slice everything as thinly as possible to bring out the most flavor. Try slices of cucumber, lemon, melon or watermelon, for example, or small pieces of apple, raspberries, sliced strawberries, etc. Then, crush all the ingredients in flavor-packed mash at the bottom of the glass.

This is also a great way of using over-ripe fruit instead of throwing it away. Anyone in need of inspiration can find plenty of ideas online. Try adding a leaf of basil, mint, coriander or parsley to stimulate taste buds.

fruity water lead

Spiced water

Spices such as cinnamon sticks, cloves or grated ginger will release their fullest flavor in lukewarm water. Leave them to infuse for a few minutes so the water has time to cool down and take on their pleasant taste.

cinnamon water

A drop of essential oil

Give mineral water a boost with a drop of essential oil such as lemon, cinnamon or carrot. Given their specific qualities and effects, essential oils should be used with care. Plus, make sure you choose oils that are suitable for oral consumption. Ask a herbalist or pharmacist for advice.

carrot oil

Citrus zest

Don’t throw out lemon, grapefruit or orange peels! Once eaten, citrus fruit peels can be grated into water for a zesty zing. Simply grate a few citrus zests straight into your glass or bottle of water. Make sure you pick organic or untreated fruits to ensure pesticides on the rinds don’t end up in your water.


Floral blends

Dried flowers can bring a pleasantly floral flavor to mineral water. They can be bought in small packets from organic shops or health food stores. You’ll need around 50g of the dried flower of your choice to flavor half a liter of water. Simply leave them to infuse for a few minutes. Why not try flavors like vanilla, orange blossom or rose, which have subtle yet aromatic aromas?

flowers in water

Which of these are you planning to try? Tell us in the comments below.

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