With high inflation in the market and increasing cost of living, experts believe keeping all savings in bank with a fixed interest rate is not a viable option. It is no surprise that money makers are moving towards investment options which can provide a fair amount of return in a short time period. The higher the risk, the higher the return.

Below are the top 5 investment options popular amongst smart investors that grows your money faster than you can imagine. Grab the one best for you!


Who doesn’t know about stocks? The most common of the investment opportunities with options ranging from high to low risk. Dealing in stocks is a demanding task. One should have a comprehensive knowledge about economic and market conditions. Else you will easily be misguided by giant players of the market.


High yielding bonds issued by the governments or a high debt company are yet another popular form of investment. The risk is however less and so is the return.


Commodity Future Trading is done in international arena. You trade for the present or in the future commodities offered by Pakistan Mercantile Exchange (PMEX). It takes in account the economic and political conditions of the world. The demand and supply of these commodities is better understood when you actually get into the play.

Though it provides fairly high returns in comparison to other investment opportunities, Commodity Trading is still in its early phases in Pakistan. ACM Gold (Pvt) Ltd., a Pakistani brokerage firm has stepped ahead from its competitor by introducing a powerful trading platform, Meta Trader 5. It is one of the latest and most technologically advanced trading portals, which allows its users to trade conveniently online as well as on their smartphones.


Foreign Exchange

If you are an amateur in this field, you will find yourself baffled about Forex trading. It is the oldest yet the hardest form of trading. Only professional investors can deal with the pressure of currency trading. The risks are high due to quick changes in the currencies and its values, the returns are quick too. Totally worth it!

To invest in currencies, the investor should be keen about the various world markets. The economic and political situation of different countries of the world is essential to be known here. Do remember all currencies are inter-related. In order to trade, you should short one currency to put a long on another.

Real Estate Investment Trusts

Have you witnessed the recent developments in real estate market and the boom in their prices? Yes the real estate investments have become the talk of the market in Pakistan. Since a couple of decades, a fairly large development is seen in this sector.

Real Estate Investment Trusts provides you with high dividends and tax benefits from the government. Yes you guessed right. The returns depend on the economy of the country and the real estate market boom. So before to jump in, make a clear note of it.

All the markets and investment opportunities listed above will no doubt make money for you. But considering the risks and returns in your context will get you to the most suitable option. So what will be your move?

Contributed by Amber Navroz