5 Health Problems Caused By Smartphone Overuse
Image Source: USA Today

Smartphones are helpful and pretty important; it is out of the question, but too much of anything can turn rancid. Excessive usage of smartphones is going to backfire and probably cause some real health problems.

Now, here is what is going to happen to you, if you stare at your phone aimlessly all day long.

Becoming hatch “neck” Notre dame

If you stare at your phone most of the day, then you will eventually start adopting a not so straight posture. Our heads usually weigh around 10 or 12 lb, and the pressure on our necks increases when the weight is directed downwards.


In this matter spine surgeon, Dr. Kenneth says, “These stresses may lead to early wear, tear, degeneration and possibly surgeries.”

“While it’s nearly impossible to avoid the technologies that cause these issues, individuals should make an effort to look at their phones with a neutral spine and to avoid spending hours each day hunched over.”

You might hurt yourself.

It is quite evident that if you are not looking, you’re going to walk into something and maybe injure yourself. We have been using phones for so long that we think of ourselves as experts, we might want to think again.

using smartphone almost dies

More than 1,500 Americans are treated in hospital emergency rooms every year due to injuries sustained while using a mobile phone while walking along the street. Please put your phone in your pockets if you’re walking down the road.

You are damaging your eyes.

Ever since 1997, short eye-sight has increased by 35 percent due to the excessive use of smartphones.

one more scroll

Eye surgeon Dr. David Allamby says that the blue-violet light that comes out of the screen and into our eyes can cause blindness in the long run. Please minimize the time you just sit and stare at your phone, doing most likely nothing.

You are not getting quality sleep.

How many times have you held your phone in bed before sleep, and had it awkwardly fall on your face?

phone at night

Researchers found out that when you expose yourself to illuminated screens, you are sending the wrong signals to your brain, it makes your mind awake and alerts while you should be set to rest.

Put down your smartphone and move away from the TV two hours before your bedtime to make sure you get the quality sleep you deserve.

You are getting dumber.

You are 100 percent dependent on your smartphone to remind you that everything will make you use your memoryless and will become a mess if your phone breaks down.

phone falls on face

A study done at the University of Waterloo in Canada found out that in 600 people, those who spent less time on their phones had much stronger cognitive skills than those who had spent all their day on the phone.

Smartphones have made us lazy, so please, the next time you are trying to plan something, try doing it yourself before going to your phone for help.

Written By: Usman Hassan