5 Best Lipsticks for Pakistani Skin Tone

Are you looking for a lip colour to swipe over your pout? If you have a dusky to slightly dark skin tone then you’ve come to the right place. To all the Asian babes out there, we understand the struggle you go through so we bring you the list of lipsticks that will compliment your lovely complexion and those dreamy eyes.

Choosing a lip shade that suits your skin tone is a tricky job. The best hues for Asian skin that you pick must enchance your face. Whether you need a dramatic make over or a subtle one, you will discover a hue that suits your skin tone on our exclusive list.

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1. Nude

Go for a nude lip look only if you are planning on really playing up your eyes. Recognising your finest matching tint requires time and experimentation. One fine trick is to wear a shade that is either a shade lighter or darker, than your skin tone. Here is our list of nudes for Asian skin tones:

Tom Ford Lip Colour in Sweet Mystery,
$52: tomford.com

Masarrat Misbah Lip Varnish in Uptown Girl, $7:masarratmakeup.com

YSL Lip Colour in Beige Blouse, $37: yslbeautyus.com

NARS Lip Colour Belle de Jour, $28: narscosmetics.com

$32: charlottetilbury.com

M.A.C. Lip Colour in Velvet Teddy, $17: maccosmetics.com

2. Red

What was common between Marilyn Monroe, Gwen Stefani, and Adele? Signature red lip colour. It is essential for every girl to own a fine red lip shade. Looking for a cherry shade complimenting your skin? Here are five of the best red lip shades we arranged for you:


Rouge Louboutin Lip Colour in Velvet Matte, $ 90: us.christianlouboutin.com

M.A.C. Lip Colour in Russian Red, $ 17: maccosmetics.com

CHARLOTTE TILBURY Lip Colour in K.I.S.S.I.N.G. LOVE BITE, $32: charlottetilbury.com

BOBBI BROWN Lip Colour in Vixen Red, $27:bobbibrowncosmetics.com

NYX Lip Cream in Monte Carlo, $6: nyxcosmetics.com

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3. Pink

Pink is one of those everyday colours, used by women of all ages. Selecting a pink for dusky skin is a critical decision to make. One little trick is to find the best shades in pink to match with your inner lip. The look of this shade solely depends on your choice making abilities. Here are all our favourite pinks:

NYX Lip Cream in Prague, $6: nyxcosmetics.com

MAC Lip Colour in Please Me, $17: maccosmetics.com

BOBBI BROWN Lip Colour in Party Pink, $27: bobbibrowncosmetics.com

NARS Lip Colour in Roman Holiday, $28: narscosmetics.com

CHANEL Lip Colour in LA FACINANATE: chanel.com

4. Coral

Coral is a pinkish shade of orange, very attractive on the lip. Coral is essentially a colour for fairer complexion which always goes wrong with the Asian skin. Here are few shades that might match your skin tone perfectly or otherwise.

NYX Lip Colour in Amsterdam, $6: nyxcosmetics.com

MAC Lip Colour in Lady Danger, $17: maccosmetics.com

CHANEL Lip Colour in LA FAVORITE: chanel.com

CHARLOTTE TILBURY Lip Colour in Lost Cherry, $32: charlottetilbury.com

BOBBI BROWN Lip Colour in Watermelon, $27: bobbibrowncosmetics.com

The Body Shop Lip Colour in Coral Blush,
$10: thebodyshop.co.uk

5. Burgundy
A burgundy lip shade is evil twin sister of red classic shade. Ladies, wear your burgundy lip shade when you want your lips to do the talking for you. You have to be bold enough to carry this mysterious yet attractive hue by matching it with your skin tone. Here is a list of our shades:

MAC Lip Colour in Diva, $17: maccosmetics.com

Masarrat Misbah Lip Varnish in Vixen, $7: masarratmakeup.com

NARS Lip Colour in Bette, $32: narscosmetics.com

Maybelline Colour Sensational Creamy Matte Lipstick in Divine Wine, $ 7.49: maybelline.com

Contributed By: Laiba Omer