Recently awarded the “Artist in Fashion” award in 2024, Mahira Khan is Pakistan’s most renowned actress. With international movies like Raees, co-starring Shahrukh Khan, under her belt, she’s one of the biggest actresses in Lollywood.

Beyond her acting, Mahira is also popular for having a great and authentic style. She’s an honest person and speaks confidently about the matters which are true to her heart. Mahira also tied the knot, not long ago, with Salim Karim.

Mahira Trolled For New Jewellery

Unfortunately getting trolled is just part of the industry. Such has been the case for Mahira after sharing some stunning photographs of herself, styled by Zuria Dor, an incredible timeless couture brand. After posting herself, in golden adornments, netizens have been pointing out the odd size of her teeka.

Mahira then shared a clip of the campaign, captioned; “What the world often perceives as weaknesses in women such as vulnerability, inner rage and the need to nurture are in truth our greatest strengths. This project is very close to my heart as Khanom exists in all of us.

Khanom is you. Khanom is me.”

Regardless, netizens couldn’t keep it to themselves, and the comments have flooded with comments on her teeka.

Here is what many had to say about Mahira’s teeka:

mahira khan

Mahira Khan Comments

Somehow, everyone seems to be comparing this headpiece to a donut. Others are constantly questioning if this is a potato, or a tikki made out of a potato, as if it is an elaborate joke.

However, fans and friends alike haven’t stopped showering Mahira with their love and support, commenting on how elegant she looks, and as always Zuria Dor’s style is speaking for itself. After being a member of this industry as long as Mahira Khan has, we’re sure she knows that this is just a part of it.

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