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A married Pakistani couple has carved their names into the books of history by not only passing the prestigious Central Superior Services (CSS) examination but also by securing divergent postings within the civil service sector.

Celebrating Joint Success

Huzaifa Aurangzeb and his wife, Dr. Hajra Niaz, have emerged as symbols of shared dreams and mutually achieve thier goals as they start on their professional journey together. Their inspiring saga, viral on social media platforms, has swiftly become a beacon of hope for countless individuals across the nation.

Taking to the micro-blogging team, user Huzaifa Aurangzeb shared the couple’s joint achievement with heartfelt gratitude, stating, “Alhamdulillah, we both dreamed together and succeeded together. Both of us, me and my wife have cleared CSS 2023.” His post resonated widely, resulting in outpour of admiration and support from netizens nationwide.

What distinguishes this accomplishment is not only their success in the CSS examination but also the distinct placements each has secured within the civil services. Huzaifa Aurangzeb has been appointed to the esteemed Police Service of Pakistan, while his wife, Dr. Hajra Niaz, has been designated to the Revenue Services, showcasing their diverse skill sets and professional aspirations.

Couple passes CSS exam in first attempt
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Overcoming Challenges Together

Dr. Hajra Niaz, in her own social media declaration, recounted the journey they embarked on together, starting from their initial encounter when she was a second-year MBBS student and Huzaifa proposed. Despite her career aspirations, Huzaifa’s unwavering support and encouragement paved the way for their shared success.

Her list of achievements , including the Prime Minister’s Award, KPK Innovation Award, 19 Subject Awards, BBC Mansion, Dean’s Honour, and Youth Interior Ministry recognition, highlight her exceptional dedication and proficiency across various domains, being more obvious in her recent news of clearing the CSS examination.

As news of Huzaifa and Hajra’s remarkable accomplishment spreads across social media platforms, an overwhelming tide of congratulatory messages continues to pour in, with many commending the couple’s commitment to each other and their relentless pursuit of excellence.

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