AAN TV – Pakistan’s leading family entertainment network proudly presents the much-anticipated Turkish sensation, ‘Ramo,’ to audiences in Pakistan!

Get ready for an electrifying experience as AAN TV brings you the biggest Turkish hit, ‘Ramo,’ starring the talented Esra Bilgic and Murat Yildirim. Prepare to be captivated by Esra Bilgic’s bold and contemporary portrayal of Sibel in this riveting series!

“Ramo” tells the remarkable tale of its main character, based on a true story of someone brave enough to stand up against powerful forces. Explore a story filled with family dynamics, justice, revenge, friendship, and love. It follows a group involved in fuel theft, working for a dominant family controlling the area. Despite their sacrifices, they get little in return, like “bones given to dogs,” as Ramo describes it. See Ramo’s determination to fight the unfair treatment his family faces, no matter what. His drive for change echoes his father’s, leading to a tough journey with challenges and conflicts, including his love for Sibel, the daughter of his enemy.

AAN TV is committed to delivering the finest entertainment to its viewers, and ‘Ramo’ is no exception. Directed by Yagız Alp Akaydın, the series features a stellar cast including Esra Bilgiç, Murat Yıldırım, Görkem Sevindik, and İlker Aksum.