Woman thy name is compromise, NOT. Shielded and protected since birth, a woman needs to break free and explore her innate qualities before the day arrives for her to settle down. Unfortunately, most of the time, young women are not given the time to things they’d like to do or dreams they’d love to pursue.

The scenario hasn’t changed much even though there are winds of change blowing in this time. Getting married is looked upon as the rightful destination or earning validation of being a woman. Don’t let the societal pressures get you down.

Here’s a list of things you can do and sign off that may slightly or majorly add value to your ‘self’ and make you feel somewhat personally accomplished and a tad satisfied before entering a new phase of life:

Start by being confident & comfortable in your own skin. Accept yourself.

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You need introspection and a journey to truly discover yourself, your passions & dreams if you have been continually putting it off.


Do a new thing every day or maybe every week – depending upon the complexity or time required to be invested in it. Try a new cuisine, go crabbing…the list is endless.

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Find a new hobby; gardening or baking maybe?


Learn a language as it’s never too late. You can continue learning later on as well. German or Chinese?

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Get into art – paint, sing, dance, sketch. Anything!

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Go out with friends on as many opportunities as you can get. You’ll have quite a collection of good memories.

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Travel solo or with very close friends and experience the world


Go on mini adventures. It could be sky diving or desert safari. Your call.

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Read up about your rights, as a human being and a woman.


Perform an act of kindness that changes someone’s life or at least has positive influences.


Do something that has always scared you.

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Read all the books you want to or write and publish something


Get work experience even if you do not intend to pursue a career later on. On both occasions, it would be beneficial.


Go camping. Get out of your comfort zone. Start small.

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Exercise, meditate or do yoga; whatever suits your fancy but do it. Break the stereotype of women being regarded as the weaker sex – not all women are ‘nazuk titlyan’.


Sit down. Figure out and make plans for your future self.

plan for the future

Take care of your financials. It’s imperative to be able to balance your checkbook.


Save money. Don’t spend most of it in one go. You can easily invest it or save it for travelling or when you want to embark upon another adventure.

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Pen your thoughts in a journal. It helps in getting perspective and clears out any mental confusion.

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So, what more would you want to add this Women’s Day to your list?