20 Iconic Karachi Landmarks: Then & Now


Karachi, the city of lights, the gateway to Sindh and the non-capital hub of Pakistan is the most populous metropolitan city of the country. The beauty of Karachi does not lie in perfection, rather in the imperfections it embraces with pride! It amazes us, tantalizes us with its beauty yet infuriates us with its roughness, but it’s home and we love it!

The humble abode to approximately 25 million people, this beloved city was not always swept away in terror and extremism, it possessed a rich architectural heritage and a beautiful blend of cultures that was reflected in its every nook and corner.

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Back in the 50s and 60s, Karachi was one of the most beautiful cities in the east after Cairo and Beirut. Bicycle rides from Burnes Road to Bolton Market, benches along the roadside and idyllic days of Bundoo Khan, are some memories our parents and grandparents reminisce.

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Karachi has not yet lost its touch; from Mohatta Palace to Frere Hall, from Jahangir Kothari Parade to the Quaid’s Mazaar, it takes pride in housing iconic landmarks.

Here is a compilation of some iconic locations in Karachi that have stood tall and proud through time.

Mohatta Palace 

Mohatta Palace Karachi

Jinnah Terminal




Metropole Hotel

Metropole Karachi

Habib Bank Plaza


Empress Market

Empress-Market Karachi

Bilawal Chowrangi

Bilawal Chowrangi Karachi

Karachi City Station

City Station Karachi

Sea View – Clifton

Clifton Beach Karachi

National Stadium Karachi

National Stadium karachi

Jahangir Kothari Parade


Manora Karachi

Manora Karachi

KMC Building


Sindh High Court

High-court Karachi

DJ Science College

Dj-Science-college Karachi

West Wharf

West-Wharf PIDC Building

PIDC Buidling

Nishat Cinema


KPT Building


Frere Hall

Frere-Hall Karachi

Images By: Mirza Taimoor