This post is dedicated to the newest edition to the list of people Pakistanis ‘love to hate’. Yes, my beloved readers, I am talking about the deceased ‘Qandeel Baloch’. The social media sensation made sure she never stayed out of the spotlight. From proposing to Imran and clicking selfies with Mufti Qawi to her marriage rumours, Qandeel managed to keep the Pakistani audiences intrigued at all times.

People loved to hate her, and yet watched her videos religiously. As we all know, Qandeel had a lot of hate fans, but as it turns out, the woman did have a lot of people who thought she was bold and fearless- be what it may, no one deserves to die the way she did.

Qandeel Baloch was a true entertainer and you know what the best part was, she was never ashamed of who she was!

There was always something generic about the videos that she uploaded- So, here are eleven top moments when Qandeel Baloch’s was totally bizzare but straightforward. Let’s reminisce some of those moments below:

1. Selfies with Mufti Qawi

Qandeel really had guts to take selfies with a well renowned religious scholar and then attempting to expose him for reaction.

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Qandeel Baloch’s Latest Exclusive Interview for Khara Sach with Mubashir Lucman

2. When Qandeel wanted to go to Big Boss & was totally vocal about women rights

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Qandeel believed she was never given credit for speaking up for girl power

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3. How Em Looking?

Isn’t it frustrating when the guys lie on your face and you know it? We know the feels, Qandeel!

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4. #FemaleHaters

This is a special message for all the girls who are so jealous of her. Why girls, why?

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5. She wants to set some facts straight!

For all those who insult Veena Malik or Sunny Leone by comparing them to her. NAHI KERNAAAAA… (Qandeel Style)

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6. Special Message for Imran Khan

When  she was bold and fearless enough to propose Imran Khan herself!

She totally supported PTI

She even went to his house in Islamabad was unfortunately not allowed to meet him. One really needs guts for something like this.

7. Special Hate Message for Waqar Zaka

There is this special part of Qandeel’s heart dedicated for a sole purpose: To hate Waqar Zaka.

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8. Cuteness Overload

Yes baby doll, very cute.

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9. #SingerQandeelBaloch

Because, being an actor is just not enough.

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10. Qandeel doesn’t care

Because she is cool like that.

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11. Getting International fame & recognition


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