Do you cry when you don’t have anything better to do? Do you scream when you want to express yourself?

If you do, then you are definitely ONE of the biggest drama queens to grace this earth.

Being brutally honest here, being a drama queen is fun, you get to do everything you never thought a normal person would do.

  1. You are the star of your personal soap opera

Whether it be something as small as hitting your toenail to a chair or burning your cookie in the oven, you’d know how to create a drama around the entire situation.

2. You are the biggest “Rotlu” one could ever find

Everyone has seen you crying. EVERYONE!

3. You are NEVER satisfied

You are always com might have the best internet connection in the world, but you’ll always complain. You’ll your friends, it’s the slowest!

4. You always Crave Attention

You are an attention seeker. If you don’t get people’s attention, it annoys you like hell.

5. There is no grey area for you

No means NOOOOO.

6. You love giving Silent Treatment

“Keep talking. I am not even listening,” you to anyone you don’t wanna interact with.

7. You are always in a sugar rush

8. You love making others feel guilty

You have never ever committed a mistake because you can never be wrong! Every time, it has to be someone else who’s guilty.

9. You have VERY high standards

It is very hard for someone else to relate to your high standards!

10. You cannot stop appreciating yourself

You’re absolutely in love with yourself.

If you can relate to these things than you are definitely a drama queen.


Contributed by: Sakina Haider