10 Stereotypes About Karachi Grammar School That Aren’t True!

Karachi Grammar School, also known as KGS, is one of Pakistan’s most prestigious schools. It is also filled with a bunch of privileged, elite children, right? Wrong!

Over the years, Grammarians have been facing prejudice from other students, whether it be at competitions or social events

Many a time, the judgmental attitude of other children is evident through their words and actions.

Here we have decided to put an end to the prejudice and clear out some misconceptions about Grammarians.

1. We are the biggest snobs on the planet

Everyone thinks we believe we are better than others and that we think no end of ourselves. However, it might surprise you that not all of us are arrogant and most of us do not conform to this stuck up impression.

2. We are spoilt, rich brats

Most people think that everything is handed to us on a silver platter and that we’re nothing but a bunch of millionaires taking everything for granted. But let me assure you, all the students in KGS have diverse backgrounds and work equally hard to achieve success.

3. All of us are burgers

People believe that we glorify western cultures and are clueless of our own but the truth is, that here in KGS, we could not be prouder of our heritage. And yes, we do wear shalwar kameez and eat daal chaawal.

4. Urdu is a foreign language for us

Majority of the people are under the impression that we don’t understand a single word of our native tongue and fake an accent while attempting to speak it. Well, let’s just say we are as fluent in Urdu as we are in English and would surprise you anytime, any day.


5. Associating with people from lesser known schools is social suicide for us.

Students from other schools often believe that we are extremely exclusive. On the contrary, we do not look down on those who are not “blessed” with the “privilege” of being a Grammarian. KGS students are actually quite friendly and welcoming.

6. We constantly party.

People think Grammarians spends their weekends partying the night away. I hate to break it to you, but the reality is that we spend all our vacations studying for the endless test weeks.

Oh, but we do make time for some Netflix sessions.

7. We win everything

No doubt hard work is one of our strengths, KGS does not always bag the first prize when it comes to competitions. We are just as clueless as you are. We are not invincible. Karachi Grammar School does lose… sometimes.

8. And the achievements we do earn are because of our name.

Students from other schools tend to believe that judges are biased towards us, regardless of whether we have the talent or not. This misconception could not be further from the truth than it already is. Every achievement the school has ever earned is through hard work and hours of dedication.

9. Grammarians only travel abroad and have no desire to explore Pakistan.

Nope. Not True. This picture from last year’s school trip to Nathia Gali will serve as proof to that.

10. Those who have money and connections are guaranteed admission in the school

Every year, a number of aspiring students are admitted into the school after being tested and interviewed. These determined individuals are willing to make a difference and our varied student body reiterates that. Hope this information clears all your prejudice. 

In conclusion, not every one of us conforms to these typical stereotypes that all Grammarians are labeled with. Instead, we encourage open-mindedness and acceptance.

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