Yahoo celebrates 30-day change

yahoo 30 day

Yahoo is looking to revamp their entire look and feel for the website.  The website plans to change their logo by the 7th of the next month and redefine their purpose of existence. 

Yahoo was the pioneer in search engines even before Google was there.  While Google is no match in the world today, Yahoo still maintains its limited niche market, offering unique services and engaging audiences towards different tasks and activities. 

Yahoo is now invested in giving its website an entirely new and unique look and feel that would allow the website to appeal more to its audience.  

Unique logo styles, color combinations, a more interactive interface are some of the features that would allow it to renew its current look. 

Every day, since the beginning of the change campaign, it would change and revolutionize its logo and work towards renewing individual elements of the website.  Yahoo will reveal its new logo next month once this campaign is complete.

The founders and engineers of the website have collaborated with Macklemore, Ryan Lewis, John Legend and Imagine Dragons to enhance their current page reception and other aspects.  

Also, the page is working in close collaboration with Tumblr that would allow it to further improve the current creativity visible on the website.  

Audiences and market watchers are excited to witness how Yahoo revamps its current offering and its strategy to come back with a bang.  Good luck Yahoo!