Logos are an important part of any business. It becomes a brand’s identity and the cause of recognition. Whenever you look at a logo, you can easily relate a company to it.

For instance, you look at a bitten apple, and you can relate it to the tech-giant, Apple.

However, Logo-making is not an easy task at all. Market analysts and designers put in a lot of effort while making the simplest of the logos. These logos have great value and bring in revenue for the company.

We compiled a list of the 10 brands with the most famous logos and their price. Have a look!

1. Google

One of the most famous logos, Google has a very simple logo which has undergone some modifications in the recent years.  Created by Sergey Brin, the logo’s price will make your jaw drop.

Logo Price: $0

2. Coca Cola

Designed in 1885, the logo kept on evolving year after year, but still has a poor market value.

Logo Price: $0

3. Twitter

The social media site that has taken the world by storm has a logo that is a perfect blend of Blue and White. Twitter’s logo is one of the famous logos in the world. Symbolizing a bird, the Twitter logo was designed by Simon Oxley in 2009

Logo Price: $15

4. Nike

The popular Swoosh has been a trademark for Nike since its arrival in the market. Created in 1971 by Carolyn Davidson, a student at Portland State University, the logo is a symbol of motivation for all people.

Logo Price: $35

5. Next

The logo was designed by Paul Rand for Steve Jobs in 1986.

“The only thing Rand knew was that the mysterious NeXT computer was a black cube. With this scent yet meaningful intelligence, Rand developed a unique proposal book for the mark that walked the reader — Mr. Jobs — through the step-by-step conceptual process to the final, logical outcome,”

Logo Price: $100,000

6. London Olympics 2012

Olympics always come up with a creative logo, but the 2012 London Olympics logo was the most controversial and the talked about logo in the history of Olympics.

Logo Price: $625,000

7. Pepsi

Whenever you think of a blue, white and red logo, you can’t resist yourself from relating it to Pepsi. Now the fact! It is one of the most expensive logos of the world.

Logo Price: $1,000,000

8. BBC

It wasn’t until 2007, when BBC redesigned its logo. At first, it was merely a circle and a line, followed by the words ‘BBC Television Service’. Today, it is one of the most expensive logos of the world.

Logo Price: $1,800,000

9. Accenture

Introduced in 2000, the Accenture logo contains the company name in lower-case letters and a “greater-than” sign which is located just above the letter “t”. It is the second most expensive logo of the world.

Logo Price: $100,000,000

10. British Petroleum

Made in 1908 and redesigned in 2008, it is considered as the costliest logo of a brand ever!

Logo Price: $211,000,000

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Contributed By: Umaima Nadeem.