How To Be a Good Boss

Reham Khan, the ex-wife of PTI Chief Imran Khan, is likely to join Geo Network as revealed by political commentator, Fawad Chaudhry. According to reports, Reham was approached by both Geo Network and Dunya TV to join their teams as an anchorperson.

After her recent divorce, Reham Khan has constantly been in the news for her comments regarding her unfortunate divorce with Imran Khan. She left the country for the UK before the news of her divorce broke but is planning to return to Pakistan soon.

How To Be a Good Boss

How her new employment at either of the networks pans out, considering her relationship with PTI’s Chief, is yet to be seen.

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While in the UK, Reham also sent a legal notice to her first husband, Dr. Ijaz Rehman, a senior NHS consultant, via Muhammad Aslam Sheikh of West Ham Solicitors,  for allegedly running a “willful malicious defamatory” campaign against her.

The legal letter claiming that Dr. Rehman’s malicious “comment in media affected her marriage with Imran Khan and made her life hostile” demands an apology within two weeks. In the case of an absence of an apology, a defamation suit will be filed against Dr. Rehman with a £300,000 fine as substantial damages.

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On the other hand, Dr. Rehman claims that he only spoke against his ex-wife when she accused him of domestic abuse on a TV interview and revealed his identity to the world. Claiming that he has never been involved in domestic abuse, Dr. Rehman also revealed that he has a lot more “to disclose once the matter moves to court”.