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Hello, and welcome to the age of social media, where it sometimes takes a second to go viral.

So, who is this Usman and why is he suddenly everywhere? Thousands of tweets on twitter, meme upon meme, and brands are also interested in him.

It all started from a tweet by Komal Shahid, in which she explained how her friend Usman had satisfied her hunger pangs at an ungodly hour of the night by bringing over mithaayi, cookies, and chocolate.

And SHOOT. Up it went, like a rocket.

So much so that the Original Poster had to make her Twitter account private:

The people talking about Usman on social media were divided it to 2 categories:

1- Those who badly felt the need of an Usman in their life.

2- Those who had trouble processing the idea of a platonic friendship, and expressed their dismay at Usman landing in the friendzone.

Anyway, take a look at how Usman became a part of brand campaign over night.



The Warehouse:

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