Former Pakistan captain Wasim Akram has given his verdict about the ongoing debate on social media regarding the Biryani of Karachi and Hyderabad (India).

The debate has sparked ever since the Pakistan team touched down in Hyderabad, India to partake in the ongoing World Cup 2023.

Babar Azam, Hassan Ali, and Imam-ul-Haq have all weighed in, singing praises for the Hyderabadi Biryani.

Babar gave it a hearty 8/10, while Hassan Ali bestowed it full marks. As for Imam-ul-Haq, he went a step further, awarding it an enthusiastic 11/10.

However, former Pakistan captain Wasim Akram has declared a winner. In a joyful conversation with Shoaib Malik on a TV show, he raised the flag for Karachi biryani, boldly claiming it reigns supreme. He jokingly remarked that Malik would be more knowledgeable about Hyderabadi biryani. Malik is married to former Indian tennis player Sania Mirza, who hails from Hyderabad.

On his X account, Wasim Akram made his stance clear with the video from the show. “I have tasted both Hyderabadi biryani and the one available in Karachi. While Hyderabadi biryani was good, the one in Karachi was exceptional. I am not trying to offend any of my Indian friends, but this is the truth. The Hyderabadi biryani I tasted was dry and had coloured rice along with either chicken or mutton,” said Akram.

To this, Shoaib Malik added his take, highlighting the layering technique that defines Hyderabadi biryani. The masala is strategically placed beneath the rice, creating a distinct taste.

Beyond the playful banter, it’s worth noting that both biryanis have their unique charm. Hyderabadi biryani boasts a tantalizing blend of aromatic spices and long-grain Basmati rice, creating a flavour profile that’s truly unique.

On the other hand, Karachi biryani is renowned for its juicy, well-marinated meat harmonizing flawlessly with the fragrant rice.

Each biryani encapsulates the culinary legacy of its respective region, offering a delightful taste of the diverse flavours both cities have to offer.

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