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The awareness of the impact and environmental hazards of plastic is one that is crucial for us to understand as a nation. While we cannot completely become plastic-free, it’s still important to #FaceThePlastic and starts rethinking its impact.

Unilever Pakistan, one of Pakistan’s biggest FMCG’s has set itself the target to collect, recycle and repurpose more plastic than it produces by 2030. As part of this continuing effort, Unilever Pakistan collaborated with the Parks & Horticulture Department, KMC to set up public space at Frere Gardens to create awareness about plastic recycling in Pakistan. Unilever Pakistan has donated 18 benches and a play area made of 2,500 kilos of recycled plastic to the Frere Hall Gardens, in order to not only provide the public with environment-friendly parks and outlets but to also create a public dialog about plastic awareness. This space was officially inaugurated on Thursday, 15th July 2021.

Unilever Pakistan is also investing in models that help in creating a circular economy and drive economic empowerment and livelihood opportunities for people as part of the #UnileverForPakistan initiative. The company recently announced projects for a plastic waste-free model city in Rahim Yar Khan, as well as brand-led initiatives on sustainable plastic reuse. These collaborations are part of Unilever Pakistan’s larger vision on environment action and the global Plastics commitments to cut down its use of virgin plastic, use reusable and recyclable plastic packaging and especially, collect and process more plastic than it produces.

Mr. Amir Paracha, Chairman and CEO, Unilever Pakistan highlighted, “Unilever Pakistan is fully committed towards reducing the impact of plastic waste and building a circular economy through bold, consistent and rigorous action. We aim to collect more plastic than we produce and make our packaging material sustainable. This public space is a humble attempt at starting public dialog amongst our citizens about the need for recycling plastic in Pakistan.”

Mr. Taha Saleem, Director General, Parks & Horticulture Department, KMC, said, “the step taken by Unilever Pakistan will help recycle plastic in the city.” He thanked the Unilever team for making it happen in Karachi.

With Unilever Pakistan’s commitment and efforts towards a cleaner, greener and sustainable Pakistan are truly commendable. We are looking forward to more such spaces in our country and hope that together, we can truly #FaceThePlastic.