AAJ TV’s Ramazan transmission ‘Ramazan Hamara Emaan’, will be hosted by Pakistan’s ‘King of Comedy’, Umer Shareef. Find out the registration process and timings below.

 Accompanying him, the show will also feature Nusrat Haris, Shahood Alvi and Muzna.

Umer Shareef is a well-known Pakistani stand-up comedian and a stage, film and television actor. He has won many awards for not only his comedy and acting but as a Best Drama Writer too.

Recently he hosted his own show, The Umer Shareef Show from Geo TV, hence proving his skills as a host.

The show will start with the Holy Month i.e. 1st Ramadan.


Here are some details:


Sehri transmission: 2 am to 4 am.

Iftari transmission: 3 pm to 7:30 pm.

The show will start on 1st Ramadan and will be continued for the entirety of the holy month.


For registrations visit their page Ramazan Hamara Emaan and participate in the quiz currently on go and win free tickets to the show or message them for further registration queries.

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Contributed by Atiqa Shaikh.