Two Cars Developed For First-Ever Race On Moon in 2021

Moon Racing between two cars
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Even as we speak about automobiles, one cannot help but mention racing. ‘Rush’ is one of the most famous formula one racing films of all time. If you wish to look at more historical rivalries, ‘Ford V Ferrari’ is worth a watch. If we steer towards street racing, the fast and furious had a couple of good first installments.

However, they have announced that they will be going to the moon in the 9th Sequel! Talk about an over-the-top racing experience. Speaking of the moon itself, there is a bit of news that might capture your imagination. Yes, that is right! Cars are being developed for the first-ever race on the moon. Is that not newsworthy of a read? Let us dive into the details.

Moon Mission with racing two cars
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A Lunar Plan

So, what exactly is so great about the moon? It was once a dream to even think about going near it. It came in the 1960s, and humans made their first landing. Since then, the moon has been the subject of countless adventures and voyages. It did not even hold a particular scientific purpose sometimes. Did you know that there once a plan to blow up the moon? When the USSR and USA were locking horns, they wanted to show who was the giant boss.

Now, the current lunar plan involves a company by the name of Moon Mark. They intend to hold a series of competitions for high school students. These will determine who gets to take a chance of a lifetime. Yes, it is that big of a deal, especially for fans of vehicles and space combined.

The Competition

The competition will feature a series of challenges. This can be e-gaming, drone racing as well as space-related entrepreneurial work. Whichever two teams come out on top will get to race their cars on the moon. Yes, this will be the first-ever race on the moon, using remote controls. They will have to optimize their vehicle in accordance to drive appropriately in lower gravity.

Additionally, the designers of some of the most famous formula one circuits are currently at work. They have not officially revealed the lunar track but it’s definitely in the works. The exact cost of getting the cars launched and landed on the phone is not known. However, estimates put it at $10 Million!

Students to race on moon
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Start Your Engines

The two racers will deploy on the moon via the Nova-C lander by Houston based intuitive machines. The company, Moon Mark, is in coalition with quite a lot of private space companies. This includes Lunar Outpost, which specializes in the development of lunar rover vehicles.

The progress of the competition will be available to be viewed by the general public. Thus, you will be able to keep track of where the students have reached. Hopefully, the race will be globally broadcasted live, so we may see the bumpers collide. This launch comes just a little time before Space X’s launch, so there’s more than one event to look forward to!

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