TPL Trakker Ltd. is the exclusive partner/reseller of Sygic software navigation in Pakistan. The company announced an anti-piracy campaign in wake of the upsurge in the illicit selling of the pirated version of TPL–Sygic Maps.

TPL Maps, part of TPL Trakker Ltd., has stepped up to the cause and intends to prosecute markets and individuals selling pirated version of their product. And to serve the purpose, the company aims to crack down on software piracy with the help of concerned law enforcement agencies and imposing a fine on people involved in the pirated software business.


With several units being sold in these open markets across the country, they are formed over a cracked software and aren’t authenticated by Sygic, which restricts the consumers from accessing the latest firmware updates along with obsolete dataset of locations and road networks.

“We warn all organizations and individuals engaged in this illegitimate activity to immediately stop or else be prepared to face the consequences as a result of the same,” said Head of TPL Maps, Adeel Hashmi.

The licensed version of TPL Sygic (excluding hardware) can be purchased via a call at TPL Helpline or order online at and Keeping consumer satisfaction on

Keeping consumer satisfaction on the front, the licensed unit features renowned and world class Sygic navigation software experience with updated TPL data.

It is also pertinent to mention here that TPL Trakker Ltd. is the only licensed company that has been permitted by the Government of Pakistan to develop local maps.