Samsung Robot launched
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There are advancements being made in the field of technology every single day. Whether we look nat right now or a year from now, we are sure to see some impressive developments being done. Where we used to think about the best combustion engine car, electric vehicles are now becoming more and more common. There was a time when flip phones used to be all the rage. It seemed quite cool when a person whipped their phone out and flipped it open, not worrying about the screen falling away.

Now, with smartphones as the new titans of the mobile industry, technology is moving fast. They are climbing up at a pace that was not expected ten years ago. Even Steve Jobs would be proud to see the legacy he has left behind in Apple. Their new chips, processors, as well as phones, are all state-of-the-art! The field of robotics is also seeing some heavy advancements. Samsung has come up with one!

Samsung with new robot
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The Everchanging Field Of Robotics:

The title suggests something that runs through our minds every day. Even if you’re not that much into tech, you must still be aware of what the principles behind robotics is. No, we are not referring to the Asimov laws of robotics but the general stuff behind it. People often associate the concepts of artificial intelligence and deep learning with robotics.

The concepts state that, in order to function on its own, a robot can be taught. It works as a learning computer of sorts, allowing humans to program it in such a way. If there is a robot that is cleaning the dishes, it is because it has been programmed to do exactly that. Maybe, through learning, it can clean them more efficiently. In light of this, Samsung has come up with a new robot. It feeds you food and does your laundry!

A New Samsung Robot:

At the online CES convention this week, Samsung had a few words to say. They are going above and beyond to show the world how well they can perform. Just yesterday, we saw the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S21. So now what have we seen? There has seemingly been a development for a robot. The robot is being called ‘The Bot Handy’. It has a pivotal arm with a three-point brace, allowing movement on a wider axis.

It has cameras installed on it. These allow for object detection as well as detecting the material of objects. This way, it knows which object to grasp harder and which one to not grasp tight. The cameras also allow for it to sense its environment while moving. It will detect, list and sort laundry and will even pour you a glass of water after a long, hard day!

Towards An Age Of Intelligence:

This advancement tells us that we are moving at an appropriate pace. Whether it is handy robots or self-driving cars, good development is being made. We hope the Samsung robot does not turn against its owners and go on a rage-filled frenzy!

Let us see what other surprises the company has in store for us. It has even already unveiled the SmartTags. These allow you to locate your lost possessions through tracking technology!

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