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In the latest street finds of Karachi’s foods, here’s your low-down on the Kulki soda many enjoy.

What Is It Basically?

Essentially, it is a refreshing drink best for summers. It is full to the brim with ice cubes and cold, refreshing sodas. However, what sets it apart is the strange pairing of flavors in this kulki soda. The secret ingredient, when unveiled, will surprise you entirely!

kulki soda karachi
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How To Make It?

The recipe is fairly singer but let’s get to the secret ingredient first. It’s none other than a green chili! We don’t know about you, but we like to keep our chillis in with our handis. Are you brave enough to dry a drink that’s literally made with green chili?

kulki soda karachi
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The recipe calls for a cup more than half full of ice cubes. Squeeze the juice of a lemon or two in it, depending on your taste. Next, as we see in the video, the green chilies are being de-seeded. So proceed to add a de-seeding chili in the cup. The green chili is often also put into giving the drink the “smell” of it. Although we’re not sure, this smell is a tantalizing one, yikes!

Next, you will need either Pakola (if you’re a fan!), or you can have a Sprite or another soda you’d like to add it. If you also like ginger’s taste, add a pinch of ginger to it to taste another level. What better combination than green chilies and ginger?

See How It’s Made Here!

Karachi Street Food

We’ve all had street-side vendor soda before, and just between us, despite how unhygienic it may be, it’s the best thing ever. We take ours with heaped spoons of Kala namak too! This kulki soda, however, is not an innovation. It is a fairly known recipe for a drink made by many, although as you can tell, it is an acquired taste.

kulki soda karachi
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The video speaks for itself, be it the speed of those making it or those standing to get it in line. Don’t miss the playful banter between boys and the vendor, usually at any roadside vendor’s place in Pakistan.

This drink is best enjoyed in summers given the combination of flavors and the fact that it is best when served cold. However, if you’re looking for a good ol’ spice kick, by all means, try it!

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