By Anum Saeed


Pepsi recently came up with a new ‘like’ machine that gives away free sample of ice-cold Pepsi to fans who like the brand on Facebook. This ‘Like’ machine is not an ordinary vending machine; it is linked with a social media and dispenses company’s soft-drinks.

The samples can easily be taken by just ‘liking’ the brand on Facebook , Smartphone users just stand by the machine, ‘like’ the Pepsi’s Facebook page, choose their favorite soda flavor and get a free can of Pepsi right away. Those without smartphones can use a large touch-screen built into the machine which allows the user to follow the same procedure for a free Pepsi can.  A timer is also set that automatically logs users out of their accounts.

The Pepsi ‘Like’ Machine has brought a twist in the longstanding art of sampling. The usual way of giving away samples to anyone walking by was done in typical ways, but this time, Pepsi has come up with a specialized vending machine that hands out samples, on just ‘liking’ the brand  before it coughs up the goods.

Pepsi had use its weapon of playing with social media vending machines two years ago, this is not the first time that the company came up with this fascinating campaign. A Social Vending System machine, with text and video messaging was introduced initially, which had a link with other machines in a network.