Pakistani actress Srha Asghar has come forwards with news of getting harassed right outside her home. The actress recently went public as a victim of sexual harassment and filed a first information report (FIR) against the offender, Asim, stating that he had attempted to harass her sexually.

Srha Asghar Files An FIR

The incident happened on August 1 as the actor was out running errands at the market, according to a police source. The case was filed by Umar Murtaza, Srha’s husband at the Shah Faisal Police Station.

Srha reported in her statement to the police that as she was driving home, someone began to follow her and yell catcalls at the same time. She went on to explain that the man followed her home and attempted to touch her improperly, causing her clothes to rip.

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In an attempt to get off from the situation, Srha rang the doorbell and her husband came out which led to a fight between him and the assailant. Meanwhile, the culprit was caught and later taken to the police station by the neighbors.

Srha Takes To Social Media 

Last night the actress took to her Instagram account to call out the shameless behavior shown by the media outlets. The actress in her post mentioned that both her and her husband as been receiving calls for interviews. Meanwhile, she also called out a news channel that reported all the personal details on media about the incident without taking consent from the actress.

Image source: Instagram

She further added, that the family is safe and will update the fans regarding the case.

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