Remember when the much-talked about Nilofer cyclone never reached the Indian or Pakistani land and dissipated somewhere in the middle?

A similar situation has just taken place in New York, America where the highly dreaded snowstorm, unofficially named Juno resulted in complete shutdown of cities from Central and Eastern United States.

The predictions for the Storm had been very dire, with more than 60 centimeters of snow expected in some places. There were vigorous defense measures adopted as a precautionary measure such as a travel ban, in Massachusetts and New York, which was only just lifted on Tuesday.

The snowstorm had potentially 20 million people in the blizzard zone. The snowstorm left much less snow in the city than originally expected, totalling 9.8 inches in Central Park.

Snowstorm Juno

With a city transportation shut down, ordered by Mayor de Blasio, for New York, for the first time ever. The Celebrities, from Lena Dunham to Justin Bieber, and common people have churned out some pretty hilarious tweets.

Have a look: