Skype Stories Two Girls with a Special Bond

By Marium Ashfaq

Initially, Skype was known to be a form of technology. Well, turns out, it has become a form of lifestyle, as proven by Sarah and Paige’s incredible story.

The story of the two long-distance friends was revealed when Skype asked its users to send in feedbacks of how the video chat software helped them network and stay connected with each other.

It was then, that this particular story was brought in the limelight. Sarah and Paige had been best friends since eight years, and Skype was the only medium which supported their bond. Sarah lived in Nappanee, Indiana, while Paige resided in Auckland, NewZealand. They had never met in person.

The girls narrated that the reason for their bonding was a mutual disability they had, which was the lack of an arm. However, with time, they started sharing their everyday life and all petty issues that they faced while Skyping.

The fascinating reality of the story motivated the company to take this ‘Skype friendship’ forward. Not only did they publish this in their on-going ‘Skype Stay Together’ campaign, but arranged a reunion for the girls. The entire activity was recorded and posted on YouTube from where it went viral.

The video has had over one million views since October 30th, when it was first uploaded on the site.

Moreover, the video was aired on ABC’s Katie Couric’s national TV talk show, where Sarah and Paige were invited as guests.

Previously Skype has launched ‘Stay Together’ portraits in June 2013, where the photographer John Clang was hired to capture images of the people’s portraits who posed through Skype, and which was projected on a wall, making it a virtual reality.

However, the latest campaign regarding Sarah and Paige seems to be Skype’s way of paying a tribute to its users who get connected via the software while simultaneously encouraging its market by showing that the company really cares!