Allrounder Shadab Khan rallied behind and defended former captain Babar Azam, emphasizing that solely blaming the skipper for the World Cup debacle is unjust.

“Placing the entire blame on the skipper for our World Cup performance is unfair,” Shadab Khan stated emphatically, defending Babar Azam on a local television channel.

He highlighted the team’s potential to reach the final, but acknowledged their failure to perform across all aspects of the game during the tournament.

He further asserted that cricket is a team game and unfortunately Pakistan team failed to perform in all three departments of the game.

Looking ahead, Shadab Khan expressed his dedication to enhancing his ODI performance through increased participation in first-class cricket, aiming to improve his game.

When discussing his potential participation in the National T20 Cup semi-final, Shadab Khan reiterated his commitment to making himself available for this crucial match, showcasing his dedication to the team’s cause.

Touching on Islamabad United’s inclusion of fast bowler Naseem Shah in the upcoming PSL edition, Shadab Khan expressed his excitement, citing Naseem Shah as a long-time favourite bowler of his.

The United management spared no effort to secure Shah’s services, reflecting the high demand for the talented bowler across various teams.

Amidst criticisms following his disappointing performance in the World Cup, Shadab Khan remains focused on regaining form.

Babar Azam faced considerable scrutiny, resulting in his resignation from captaincy across all formats for the Pakistan cricket team.

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