Samsung takes Apple heads on, this time targeting a very basic feature that remains a problem for almost all the Smartphone users –  the battery issue.


Though iPhones are no doubt one of the best smart phone options available, but then again nothing can be perfect and the iPhone’s Achilles heel is its battery life.

The recent advert features wall huggers at different public places charging their iPhones. Addressing this issue of short battery life, Samsung has simply taken its Galaxy S5 detachable battery feature to deal with the most talked about issue between the smartphone users.

Here have a look at the commercial:

Though this cannot be considered aggressive advertising per se, Samsung has made sure that it takes care of this issue quite brilliantly and yet intelligently targeting its closest competitor. By highlightimg and differentiating a feature that is better they have managed to achieve the positioning they wanted.Hats off to Samsung for being simply brilliant.