Bollywood superstar, Salman Khan has been freed from 2002 hit and run case by Bombay High Court today. According to High Court judicial, the prosecution failed to establish the case against actor Salman Khan in connection with the 2002 hit-and-run case.

The High court also noted that the evidence submitted were not proper according to principles of jurisprudence. Khan has been ordered to present himself before the court for the official verdict.

According to Indian media, HC said that the prime witness of the case, Ravindra Patil, who was Salman’s bodyguard when the incident happened, was a ‘wholly unreliable witness.’

Patil later died in 2007. On Monday, the court had observed that the evidence of those injured were not ‘devoid of discrepancies.’

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Earlier this year, The Bombay High court has suspended Bollywood superstar Salman Khan’s jail term, decreed by a lower court in the 2002 Hit-and-run case.

The High court judge suspended the 5-year imprisonment verdict after hearing arguments from both sides.  “We can fix a date in June or July whether he is guilty or not,” said Justice Abhay Thipsay.

According to the verdict, Khan was released on the bail of INR 25000 while his passport was surrendered. During this time, Salman could act in movies but was not allowed to travel overseas.

13 years ago, Salman was accused of driving his Toyota Land Cruiser into a group of homeless men sleeping rough in suburban Mumbai after spending the evening in an up-market bar.

One man died and four were injured. Salman was charged with deliberate homicide, which carries a jail term of up to 5 years.

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