Credits: Mir Anwar Photography

Winter is also synonymous for the wedding season in Pakistan. That means it’s time to get your party shoes on!

Desi wedding festivities include numerous pre and post events, including the Mehndi or Shendi as we call it these days.

A Shendi is basically a Mehndi and a Shaadi, all in one huge event that covers music, dance, fun, food, and beauty!

The event would obviously be boring without a rocking playlist to groove to, right?

So, we’ve compiled a list of all Pakistani songs to pump up the adrenaline this Shendi seasons:

1. Billo Hai

2. Aya Lariye

3. Lahore Terey Tay

4. Munday Lahore De

5. Naache Re

6. Nachee Ja

7. Noori

8. Haye Dil Bechara

9. Ik Pal

10. Addi Maar

11. Billo

12. Desi Thumka

13. Lar Gaiyan

14. Shakar Wandaan

15. Chitta Kukkar

16. Chamkeeli

17. Malang

18. Daanah Pay Daanah

19. Dilruba Na Raazi

20. Naach Punjaban

21. Guddi Wang

Which song is your favourite Shendi track? Comment and let us know.

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