Sugar, spice, and everything nice. These were the ingredients chosen to create the perfect little girls. But, Professor Utonium added…. a 4th PowerPuff!?!

Growing up, PowerPuff Girls was without a doubt one of the most the iconic cartoons of our childhood. The trio of superheroes has been fighting the forces of evil and giving us major sibling goals since 1998.

The newest addition to the trio aims at inclusivity as the creators have deviated from the traditional look of blonde hair and white skin tone to a PowerPuff of color.

Take a look at Powerpuff girls newest Member!

But we are slightly concerned how the creators are portraying the PowerPuff of color. Note the figure, is it not perpetuating a stereotype for women and girls of color? Why couldn’t she physically look exactly like her sisters while having the dark skin tone?

The creators roped in Toya Delazy to give voice to the new member of the family.

As much as we love the appreciation of diversity, the fact remains, we have grown up with THREE PowerPuffs, can we love the fourth one just as much? And color has nothing to do with this question.

The Internet threw a fit as their childhood is being meddled with. I mean the trio is sacred people! 

Here’s how people reacted to the news over social media!

Some people raised some legit questions. 

Others had some pretty interesting theories.

Beware Cartoon Network, for we remember the original 4th PowerPuff. 

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Content Contributor, Abeer Anwaar.