Gotta Smile… a simple two-word phrase; yet it serves as the perfect reminder for us all to smile more often, especially when times get rough. The reason why this particular phrase is gaining traction these days is all thanks to a wonderfully innovative advertising campaign initiated by one of the most renowned brands of our time, EBM.

For over a decade, EBM has provided the country with a diverse portfolio of healthy and delicious biscuits and cakes and is acclaimed nationally as an industry leader. After taking the market by storm with their Effie award-winning treat, ‘Cake Up, EBM has now once again made a massive impact with the launch of their latest product, Peek Freans Smile Donut Cakes.


The new Smile Donuts, as the name suggests, promotes the concept of uplifting each other and spreading smiles and joy all around. In a fleeting sense, one might brush away this phrase quite easily. However, if we take out some time out of our busy schedules and really ponder over this, how many times, in fact, do you smile in a day? This is precisely why Peek Freans came up with the idea to remind us all to smile more often.

The idea was brought to life with the help of popular celebrities, influencers, YouTubers and TikTok stars, all of whom posted pictures of themselves as they smiled wide and enjoyed their new Smile Donut cakes.

The campaign took off with leading actors, musicians and artistes such as Ramsha Khan, Saheefa Jabbar, Shahveer Jafry, Romaisa Khan, Areeka Haq and Aima Baig posting pictures as they posed adorably with their Smile Donuts and expressed their love for the treat while also talking about what really made them smile.

Later on, many popular Instagram and TikTok sensations, influencers, YouTubers and actors were sent giveaway baskets full of Smile Donuts along with a QR code which led to an Instagram post that created a lot of buzz all over social media. After much suspense, the mystery of the Instagram post was finally revealed; viewers got to see the most enthralling Instagram filter where a cute donut popped up once you smiled, with the hashtag #GottaSmile underneath. Almost all the stars who were a part of the initiative went on to share cute snaps of themselves enjoying the filter and celebrating World Happiness Day.

A number of influencers, TikTok stars, YouTubers were also seen posting GIFs, the first half of which showed them looking sad and bored with the second half of the GIF showing them indulge in the deliciousness and sheer joy brought on by the Smile Donut cakes.

With this new campaign, EBM reinforced its position as a thoughtful brand that is always looking for creative and innovative ways to help promote positivity across Pakistan. The Smile Donut Cakes is just such an initiative as it serves as the perfect reminder to break away from the monotony of life and just smile.