Realizing the importance of digital media and its growing influence, PAS initiated ‘Dig-it’ in 2012, a Digital Marketing and Advertising Conference. It was highly successful and well received by the industry. Continuing its efforts, PAS is now planning ‘Dig-It 2016’ on 29th of April ’16 in Karachi, Pakistan.

This years’ Dig-it conference is focused on Marketing Innovations. In today’s ever-changing marketing landscape, technology is allowing new entrants to challenge established players with huge market shares. Small, nimble, competitors are redefining the future. Everything from manufacturing to design to delivery of products to service models; everything is being reshaped by what is possible.

In this ever-changing kaleidoscope of possibilities, marketers must stay on top of trends, be aware of changes, and be ever ready to adapt; or be ready to face a small, nimble, global startup powered by venture funding, who will find a way to disrupt their businesses forever.

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Dig-it 2016 remains in line with our core belief that the passage ahead of us demands us to share and address our challenges, learn from the world, and solve issues that are pertinent and unique to OUR industry.

Objectives of Dig-It 2016

 address issues that the Pakistani digital industry is facing.
 promote local talent and give them voice thereby fostering innovation.
 bring in international expertise to help build up the local industry where needed.
 help build skill-sets by providing organized training and inspiration platforms.

Speakers for Dig-It 2016 

• Stephan Loerke
‎ CEO at World Federation of Advertisers (WFA)

• Joseph Cummiskey
Global Marketing Solutions, Middle East North Africa, Facebook

• Michael Leander
International Marketing Speaker, Trainer & consultant – Denmark

• Asad Ur Rehman
Director Media, North Africa & Middle East, Unilever

• Mohamed Megahed
Commercial Director, ConnectAds

• Yousef Tuqan
Vice President, Marketing & Analytics at Careem, MENA

• Gagan Deep Bhalla
Managing Director, MRB Global

• Syed Azeem Afzal
General Manager, BBDO Proximity, MENA

• Badar Khushnood
Country Consultant, Twitter Pakistan

• Aly Mustansir
CMO, BankAlFalah

• Athar Osama
Founder and Chief Executive
Pakistan Innovation Foundation

• Salma Jafri
Content Marketing Strategist, Co-Founder, Moxie Women, Team Lead for Google Business Groups (GBG) Women

• Imtiaz Noor,
Head of Marketing, Kaymu

• Salman Abedin
Digital Strategist, Canada

• Adnan Syed,
Chief Creative Officer, Adcom LeoBurnett

• Bilal Farrukh
Director Innovation & Growth, Line Messenger