Inspired by the Malaysian Mahathir Mohamad Mosque, Bahria Town owner, Malik Riaz Hussain, has given Pakistan the gift of the 7th largest mosque in the world, completed at a cost of PKR 4 Billion.

The Jamia Masjid, with a capacity to hold 95,000 worshippers within and outside the mosque, was inaugurated by the former president of Pakistan, Asif Ali Zardari, in the presence of numerous religious scholars and government officials, including Raja Pervez Ashraf, Syed Mehdi Shah, Rubina Wattoo and Mehreen Anwar Raja.

The magnificent Islamic architecture prides on the use of 4 million Multani mitti handmade tiles. These 2.5 inch long, beautiful tiles have been placed to build the masterpiece, without the use of any machinery, over the period of 4 years.

Located in Sector E of Bahria Town, Lahore, Jamia Masjid houses a separate area for female worshippers, an Islamic Art Gallery and a school. It has 4 stunning, 165 ft tall minarets, encompassing a Grand central Dome and surrounding 20 smaller domes.

The mosque, Pakistan’s biggest to date, is a piece of beauty built in a spectacular fusion of the culture of Pakistan and the traditional Islamic architecture from around the world. The carpet from Turkey and 50 gorgeous chandeliers from Iran add to the beauty of what is simply a marvelous marbled structure on its own.

Malik Riaz Hussain plans to build a mosque of equal grandeur in Karachi, while this Jamia Masjid would serve as an international symbol to support Pakistan’s image in the Islamic World.

See the mosque in images here: