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The latest trend that has taken over Twitter is #WhenCoronaVirusIsOver and it’s all about users lighting up the social sphere with all their hopes, dreams and memes they intend to live out once we combat the spread of the virus.

This hashtag is trending around the globe and people are penning their thoughts down saying they would play their roles in taking care of the planet while others eagerly wait to actually chill with their friends.

We kind of just wish everything to go back to normal. We’ve spent plenty of time in self-isolation reflecting on the things we’ve taken for granted. Quick runs, a coffee date, gym classes, dhaabe ki chaai, the availability of a hand sanitizer and grabbing a Big Mac on our way back to work.

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The overwhelming sentiment of hope that followed the hashtag #WhenCoronavirusIsOver, uniting people across the globe, manifested a new wave of positivity and commitment to combating the COVID-19 outbreak, as we all continue to stay inside, and appreciate what we’re missing more.

Some of the tweets were downright hilarious and others were heartwarming.

This user wants to end online classes 

Another use shared how crucial it is to take care of this planet 

Oh yeah, some of us might have forgotten how to socialize, but that’s fine – we’ll catch up


Another user shared a video on how a Korean movie predicted the future of a deadly virus 

That looks about right. Right?

This user spoke our hearts.

Types while dreaming of pani puri

Paranoia has gotten the best of us 

Perhaps one good thing to come from COVID 19 is that everyone’s gained a little perspective. Maybe. Do you agree?