Pakistani Students Earn Scholarships for Cambridge


Two outstanding students in Pakistan have been awarded 2014 Cambridge 800th Anniversary Scholarships to fund their undergraduate studies at the University of Cambridge.

The scholarships have been made possible thanks to funding from the parent organisation of Cambridge International Examinations (Cambridge Assessment).

Cambridge 800th Anniversary Scholarships were launched in 2009 to enable students from Pakistan to study at the University of Cambridge without the worry of creating a financial burden for their families.

These scholarships provide full funding, covering fees and means-tested maintenance, for undergraduate study at the University of Cambridge.

Shahzaib Ali and Muhammad Faaiz Taufiq Pakistan will begin their courses in October 2014.

Shahzaib Ali said:

It seemed a distant dream to study at Cambridge, the best university in the world. But thanks to their generous 800th Anniversary scholarship award, I will be able to pursue my dream and ambitions without any financial constraints. I am deeply grateful to Cambridge for deeming me worthy of this wonderful opportunity.

Muhammad Faaiz Taufiq said:

I am extremely grateful for this prestigious and generous scholarship. The 800th Anniversary Scholarship Award will enable me to study my favourite subject, Mathematics, at Cambridge, a university which has always been at the forefront of mathematical discoveries and breakthroughs. Throughout my life, I have had great dreams of making valuable contributions to Mathematics. I hope that this course at the University of Cambridge will be a significant step towards the realization of these dreams.


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