According to an official review by Microsoft Student Partner (MSP) global team, Pakistani student from PAF-KIET, Ozair Belal, ranked 2nd in worldwide MSP Insider Ranking.

Ozair Belal was selected as a Microsoft Student Partner back in 2012 and had been collaborating with the technology giant for three years now. Belal has arranged a number of seminars and training sessions for Microsoft in his university and has collaborated with several other institutes to effectively run the program.

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Due to his brilliant performance during his three-year tenure, not only was Belal given free access to Microsoft’s developer devices, technical mentorship, MSDN Subscription, Azure access and technical support but was also selected as the MSP Group President for South Region (Baluchistan and Sindh).


Later, the young student was invited to represent his country at the MSP Worldwide Summit 2015, held at the Microsoft Head Office in Seattle, USA, where he received a Raspberry PI kit to pursue his passion, from the Redmond team.

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According to the Microsoft Student Partner Social Insider Ranking conducted last month, Belal stood 2nd globally for the social media impact he has had as an MSP – including conducting sessions, his content popularity, tweets, retweets, engagement with the community, mentions and comments.

Apart from being given global recognition for his effective work performance, Belal has also been offered a Microsoft Band.

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For those who don’t know, Microsoft Student Partner is a Microsoft representative at his/her university, trained by the company to offer training and support to others in the university.