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Wrong No. being one of the most hyped up movies this year, premiered at Nueplex cinema on 15 July. It is the directorial debut of Yasir Nawaz and is also co-produced by Yasir Nawaz, Nida Yasir and Hassan Zia under the production banner YNH Films. Yasir, Danish and Nida are famous for flicking up some intensely hilarious moments in dramas and that’s what was also expected of it. As Yasir Nawaz himself promised a movie delivering a heavy comic punch and craziness.

Wrong No. is slated to release on Eid, 18th July 2015, this year. The duration for the movie is approximately 2 hours & 15 minutes.

*Spoiler Alert*: Beyond this point are some details of the movie that if you haven’t watched the trailer might be a bit disclosing, venture in the vicinity at your own risk.

The Plot:

Wrong No. is cut in two halves. The first half shows a flashback and the other half is then the follow-up to the movie. The movie centers around the 4 main characters in the movie.

Salman aka Sallu (Danish Taimoor) is an ambitious guy from Karachi and belongs to a family of butchers. He longs to become an actor and hates the family qasai business.

Laila (Sohai Ali Abro) is the girl who lives in the neighborhood of Sallu and has a crush on him and doesn’t let go of a single opportunity to flirt or hit on him.

Shehryar (What a surprise! Danish Taimoor) is a Nawab and lives abroad. Having lost his parents in his childhood has him attached to only his grandfather and is an emotionally shut-off person. He is coming to Lahore to take charge of the family business.

Haya (Janita Asma) is a girl working in the Lahore office of Shehryar. She is to be Shehryar’s assistant when he comes in from abroad. She is to receive him from Karachi as his parents graves are there and then take him to Lahore.

Sallu is being forced to marry Laila and also to work at the family butcher shop. But as fate would have it, he spots the news of Shehryar coming to Karachi and hatches a plan to switch himself with the wealthy nawab.

What follows for the rest of the movie? You guessed it, it’s the switch between Sallu and Shehryar and how they fall in love with Haya & Laila. Also in the mix-up are two gangs which are both looking to kidnap Shehryar for ransom.

Critical Analysis:

Wrong No. is a typical lookalike movie with the same formula of a wealthy and rich hero with his lower-class or middle-class counterpart switched up.

The movie fails to develop the story completely and lags behind quite a few times. The story seems truly undercooked and feels like a biryani made in such a hurry that you forget putting in some of the spices.

The flow and pace of the story changes as the first half is slow and the whole movie accelerates to a rapid speed as if it’s fitted with a Turbocharger set to go off after the intermission.

The sudden change in Sallu’s behavior, as he is Shehryar, isn’t noticed by the family. Shehryar doesn’t even try to run away or is baffled by the situation and continues to stay at the house. We are surprised by the fact that Haya reveals she has broken up her engagement due to Sallu. These are some of the instances where the story makes no sense.

The performance of the main cast sometimes went to the edge as some scenes were really over acted upon. Danish Taimoor has performed just fairly and looks unconvincing in some scenes. Sohai Ali Abro puts up a performance much akin to her dramas and is convincing in the role. Janita Asma, is comical at times yet fails to do justice with the character.

Wrong No.’s comical moments and hilarious one-liners are mostly all powered up by its supporting cast. Javed Sheikh should be mentioned especially as he proves his skills once again. His perfectly timed one liners, delivery of dialogue and expressions will make you laugh more than any other character in the movie. Danish Nawaz also puts up quite a comical performance along with Nadeem Jafri to support the humor.

Shafqat Cheema struggles between balancing the comical and villainous sides of Shera.

Yet a mention that the movie has its inappropriate jokes too that might be too much for some audience. One scene to really look out for is the kids performance just before the song Selfiyaan Re Selfiyaan. You will know when the scene comes up as its insanely hilarious albeit using some cliché jokes on the very same subject.

The action sequences, however, were good. Taking the same formula of latest Bollywood trend of people pushed back flying with just a punch, Wrong No. utilizes it well. The last scene with Javed Sheikh taking on the big bad Cheema seems fake though.

Oh! And there is a special appearance by Tooba Siddiqui in the song Nachay Mann.

Brand Placement:

Wrong No. is full of brand placement and seriously delivers in your face brand moments.

The Tooba Siddiqui starrer song “Nachay Mann” is shot at Port Grand and the song doesn’t let go of any moment to tell you it has. Danish Taimoor and Tooba Siddiqui can be seen dancing in front of Port Grand Logo and the branding is too visible not to notice.

Samsung Appliances have been used throughout the film and Danish Taimoor can be seen prominently using them from laptops, music system to refrigerators, everything is branded Samsung.

Rivo Mobiles is also placed in the movie. The song Selfiyaan Re Selfiyaan has the Rivo branding all over it, from the background of the song to the Rivo Mobile box in the hand of the kid.

The Verdict:

The movie is a one time watch but only because it has tons of comical moments and hilarious punch lines to keep you entertained. The supporting cast should be applauded for their efforts and the movie fairs well in acting.

If you love comedy and want to see a good one, go for it. But don’t expect drama and romance to measure up in the movie. It’s a fun fest at best.


Story: 5/10

Action: 6/10

Acting: 6/10

Direction: 6/10

Soundtrack: 5/10

Overall Rating: 6/10

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