Pakistani women may be ruling the world with their wisdom and talents but Pakistani men have the looks that can kill! According to a global destination dating website, MissTravel, Pakistani men rank third in World’s sexiest Men list.

The travel website conducted a poll with 100,000 Americans to determine which nationality they considered hottest. As the results suggested, Armenian women and Irish men turned out to lead the pack with their sultry looks and foreign accent.

Check out the complete list here:

The Sexiest Nationalities for Men

10. Spanish

9. Danish

8. Nigerian

7. Italian

6. Scottish

5. English

4. American

3. Pakistani

2. Australian

1. Irish

The Sexiest Nationalities for Women:

10. Lebanese

9. Bulgarian

8. Filipina

7. Brazilian

6. Australian

5. English

4. Colombian

3. American

2. Barbadian/Bajan

1. Armenian